Don't Panic, Nerdfriends

a collaborative blog by the Don't Panic Podcast team and Dirty/Nerdy with Magenta Prex

Magenta knows stuff about sex. Shaina knows stuff about love. Danny knows stuff about dating. Between the 3 of us, at least one of us can probably give you some sage advice about your lovelife woes. None of us are therapists (well, except Mags, but not licensed in your state), just your average team of nerds looking for love in all the wrong places, and some of the right ones too. Don't Panic- and bring a towel!

Meet the Team


Magenta Prex

Magenta is an internationally known sex educator, therapist, and researcher. With a background in HIV prevention programming, fey has worked in social service agencies, brothels, and universities. Mags is still figuring out how this whole dating thing works, as a demisexual queer with aspergers, but seems to be doing okay. [Magenta's Blog]



Shaina leads a secret double life working a typical 9-5 by day, kicking ass (and taking names) by night as Mary Pain Watson, her roller derby persona. She has been happily monogamous for almost a decade, and lives with her partner, two cats, and delightful roomie. 



Danny is a greek forest.

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