Adult Store Review: Lions Den again, in Kansas this time


Okay, so, I know I just reviewed a Lions Den store last week, but this was literally the first store I saw advertised on my route through Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas. I wanted to see how this store was laid out, what was different from the one in Iowa, and if their welcoming and inclusive nature was branch or franchise specific. For this visit, I was better prepared for it to be a pleasant experience, and walked in confident instead of totally shocked. Indeed, I was once again met with a brightly lit, well laid out, pleasant smelling store, and when one of two smiling women asked me for ID I was able to respond pleasantly instead of while looking like a deer in the headlights.

Selection was similar, with a few small differences:

  • There were more mannequins in lingerie around the store, including plus side models, which I really appreciated.
  • I found more high-end sex toy models, including Lelo.
  • There was a whole wall of kink/fetish toys, and it was located with the lingerie/toys geared towards people with vaginas, instead of hiding in a back corner behind the porn like at the Iowa store.
  • They also had more sexy stationary.

I had a conversation with one of the staff, and told them about my blog reviews. While I happened to come on a day when most visitors were slightly cranky single men, their usual clientele are military couples, since they are down the street from Fort Riley. This, to me, somewhat explains highly visible erotic stationary, as well as the broader variety including higher end toys designed for users with vaginas. I suggested they look into teledildonics, specifically the Lovense line, which seems to be specifically marketing itself towards military couples.