Oh Hi! I'm Still Here!


Hey everybody! I know it's been a week! I've had a surprising lack of WiFi, and also been doing some heavy processing about breakupey things, so haven't been online in a few days. Here's some blog posts coming in the next few days:

  • a review of Fascinations, a sex toy store
  • a review of Santa Fe Erotic Books, a sex toy store
  • a review of Pleasures, another sex toy store
  • a review of Shotgun Willies, a strip club, with a bonus story of a stripper named Areola throwing a crab leg at me
  • review of, and some nuuuudes from The Well, a clothing optional hot spring :D
  • nudity interlude from bath! with dinos!

I'm about to fly back to Chicago for a few days for an opera I couldn't change dates for, and then will be in Seattle for about a week. Then I'll be putzing around the southwest for a while- I've got several interviews in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Fran. I'll be working at sagebrush ranch in Reno for the second half of October (come visit me!), and then figuring out what November and December look like :D

TTYS xoxoxo ~ Mags