Clothing Optional Review: The Well, Colorado


My friend took me to The Well, aka Dakota Hot Springs, which is about 45 minutes south of Colorado Springs. The Well is a clothing-optional natural hot spring, with magnesium-rich warm water bubbling up into a comfortable pool maintained at 99 degrees. The Pool: It was as clean as a hot spring pool can be- while the pool itself had some mineral deposits all over the interior, the water was clean, with the exception of one rouge piece of lettuce that floated by. The water itself was super comfortable, like a really nice bath, and made my skin feel soft. There was a central area fed directly from the well (the pool itself had a fountain in the middle, to cool the water as it emerged), that was SUPER hot- hot enough that I couldn't even dip in my hand, but some patrons were soaking in it, the brave, heatproof souls. IMG_20160926_171746.jpg

The Vibe: It was a quiet day when we visited, but the people in attendance were respectful, chill, and friendly. Clothing was indeed optional, and some folks were in bathing suits while other were au natrual.  A naked man talked to us about the consistency of the water, it's mineral content and temperature, and then didn't try to keep talking when we thanked him for the info and floated away. As a pair of young, attractive women, we definitely pulled some looks, but people either wore sunglasses so staring wasn't obvious, or looked away quickly, so we didn't feel creeped on. The one time I saw a guy start to get a little chubby, he super fast jumped into the hella hot pool, and, well, people with penises know what super hot water does to erections, which I thought was good self management on his part. I asked a couple for some water at one point and they shared iced tea with me.

The Facilities: The Well loses a few points here. There's no potable water, which I totally understand that running city lines out into the middle of nowhere isn't viable, but at least offering some sold-at-cost water bottles to thirsty, overheated patrons would be clever. The setup was not conducive to actually enjoying the incredible landscape: the bathrooms were located directly in front of the view out into the vast expanse of nothingness before the mountains. Also, the little party house thing was full of flies, which would probably dissuade me from using it for gatherings, and the main entrance smelled weirdly like onions.

Queer Friendliness: Bathrooms were split gender, and I'm not sure how trans-friendly the place is- there were no clear "trans people are safe and welcome here" signs. Nobody seemed to mind us being two young ladies there together, but we also weren't very flirty with one another. The couples in attendance were all heterosexual, and I overheard the two men there together talking about girls they liked.

Overall, this was a lovely place I'd probably visit again a few times a year (especially in the winter!!). I'd like to know more about their trans inclusivity.

They didn't allow photos in the establishment for some obvious reasons, but I took some nice selfies in the parking lot, for fun. You can view them by becoming a backer, and I'll email you the password for the latest Nudity Interlude :)