Areola, Wayward Mermaid and Thrower of Crabs


Okay, I promised to explain this tweet:

Here's the full story!

Shotgun Willies apparently does this thing where each month, a different dancer writes, choreographs, and creates props and costumes for her own show, based on whatever theme she wants. This month, Solstice created the character Areola, the wayward mermaid, and came up with a skit show including multiple other dancers, a bouncer in a crab costume, a pool, and two other folks running around in seahorse suits.

The show started late, and when I went to the bathroom I ran into Areola as she was getting ready. She apologized that I walked in to the bathroom to see her naked butt wagging around, and I acted totally scandalized to see nudity at a strip club. I showed her my mermaid tattoo and we joked and chatted a bit.

The show was cute, with the basic premise being that Areola, once she had legs, discovered beach parties, drinking, and eating crab (whoops, Sebastian..). She needed to seduce her sea friends to get to stay in human form. It was cute and a hoot! In the middle of it, she threw a crab leg she’d been eating directly at my boobs, grinning at me in the process. Afterwards she came over to double check that the crab leg toss had been okay, and I of course said absolutely and asked if we could take a selfie together.

I *LOVE* that this club does this. I think it’s a great way to allow individual dancers to showcase their interests and talents.

Okay your turn, tell me your funny strip club stories!

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