Adult Store Review: Santa Fe Books in Denver, Colorado


First Impression: I was a little nervous walking in, since the opening was more like a hallway into a house than a storefront. The building I think was a converted single floor home, with how it was laid out, and the very beautiful southwestern tiles. Once I realized where I should be going (to the right), I was greeted with a pleasantly bright store. img_20160927_220251Products: Over half of the store was porn offerings. I had a great time browsing the parody section. Of the toy selection, it was pretty standard fare as far as dildos, vibrators and buttplugs, with a small selection of clothing. Lots of fancy men’s thongs! My friend and I were SO EXCITED to see vintage playboys for sale, and of course I had to buy several and cut out all my favorite pictures when I got home.

LGBTQ: They had plenty of fetish porn, and a rigorous gay men’s section. I noticed the store also had gay porn magazines, and sleeves for strokers based off of famous male porn stars, so while it wasn’t a specialty store, I think it did have a slight focus towards gay male audiences, which I applaud.

Vibe: There weren’t other customers in the store while we were there, but the person working at the counter was very pleasant. He noticed me poking at a toy that simulates clitoral sucking and started explaining it to me. I initially braced myself for an uncomfortable interaction, as I have low expectations of men in sex toy stores, but as he launched into a detailed description of the mechanism, clitoral anatomy, and the engineering that went into it’s design, I recognized a kindred spirit. I want to tell this dude to start a twitter and become a sex educator, since his clinical objectivity and passion for the topic was obvious, and I always approve of more sex nerds in the world.

Extra Services: There also was a very pleasantly brightly lit video booth row. Outside, there were signs saying in large red lettering that lewd behavior towards other customers would not be tolerated. I appreciated the clear prioritization of customer safety and comfort.