Adult Store Review: Pleasures in Denver, CO


**hey everyone, to cut down on bulk I've left my laptop in Chicago, and am working on a tablet. Please excuse weird formatting and spelling errors o.o** First Impressions: I am very curious about the history of this building. There was another, now closed adult store advertised with a large billboard outside. Upon walking in, I was pleased to see local community events advertised, and featured art by local artists. 

Product Selection: They had an impressive variety of penetration focused toys, and toys for people with penises, ranging across the board with price. While the lingerie selection was lacking, I have since learned that Denver has some really impressive lingerie stores, and it's possible they didn't want to compete. They had a sizeable porn library, in a seperate room from the main toy area, where strokers were also housed.

Kink: This store had one of the most expansive kink selections I've encountered so far, while still lacking toys for the experienced player. I'm guessing the local population is kink-savvy enough to be intro curious about things beyond fuzzy handcuffs, and there are likely dedicated kink stores with more hardcore toys that I didn't discover this trip.

The Buttplug Problem: This store chose to address The Buttplug Problem by having them in *two* locations- both next to the strokers, and included with penetration toys. I did notice the plugs by the strokers tended to have darker, more macho packaging, and use words like intense or hardcore, and the plugs by the other toys more likely to be sparkly or have gems on the end. 

Mags Gets Weirded Out: In undergrad, one of my dear friends and I had a hobby. We'd pitch random unusual fetishes to one another, and have to figure out some way to make it consensual and then defend it. What I'm saying is, I am really hard to freak out about how people get it on, as long as everyone is consenting. Well. I bristled at a toy on a shelf next to the strokers.  

It was a silicone torso, with no arms, legs, or head. If this is meant to appeal to men in general, I am really perturbed by the image of the ideal woman being without legs to run, arms to interact with the world, or a face with which to see or speak. Not that I have a problem with amputees and the people that love them, but I think the headlessness of the torso was really what skeeved me out. I think we can all agree that blow up dolls have pretty weird faces, but at least they have any face to begin with. 

Now, if this toy is marketed to the extremely niche market of decapitation fetishists, I guess I'm glad they have an outlet that doesn't actually involve decapitating people. But somehow I suspect that market might be too niche to sustain a product line. Perhaps this toy is intended for people for whom the breasts are a more desirable focus of sexuality instead of body parts emulated with a fleshlight? If so, why not just sell some disembodied breasts? 

Please say your thoughts, fans, without being fetish shamey. I'm really trying hard to understand the silicone torso as anything other than the implication that those are the best parts of a woman, and having a face and a voice somehow makes a woman less desirable. I want to understand the fetish behind this toy, other than patriarchy.

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