Some Updates on the Current Situation


Okay so, I posted a few days ago about how I got abruptly kicked out of my workplace/where I was living while working and wasn't clear why. I've had several fans asking how I am/if I'm okay/etc, so I thought I'd update y'all on what's up: What I've Been Up To

I've been hanging out with some local friends. After spending a full day decompressing, napping, cuddling their kids and watching movies, I spent all day yesterday unpacking and repacking my possessions. Now they are all ninja-tetris'd into my car and I feel really relieved. Today I was going to go to drive to San Fran, but the pass to California requires chains, so I'm chilling out in town for a few days at a swanky hotel and relaxing.

What's The Word At The Ranch

I was curious what the reason for my sudden firing/eviction would be. As it turns out, the prevailing rumor is that I was trying to steal girls. Presumably this is because an old friend of mine (who also happens to work there) and I were talking about a road trip in a month. I now would like all of you to address me exclusively by my pimp name, "Mama Mags." /sarcasm

What's Next

In the immediate future, I have a photoshoot I plan to submit to Suicide Girls. I'll be making my way out to San Fran once the roads clear up, then back to Reno, Vegas, Chicago for a bit, Salt Lake City, and then ??? who knows what's next. If you are interested in booking a photoshoot or having coffee or tea, let me know!! Also, as per several people's requests, I'll be setting up a Patreon soon I promise.

A Huge Thank You

So many thank you's to my friends who are helping me with the emotional reactions to the confusing exit, and my fans who are sending me dollars to help me with some of the extra expenses incurred! I appreciate you all so much <3