Brothel Life: The Client Experience, pt 1


There were a number of requirements at the start of each shift for us to provide an optimal client experience. We needed to be showered, shaved, in heels, dressed classy, and with our rooms tidy and ready for clients. This is all good business, and for the most part I agreed with it (although the few times I skipped my heels I did just fine in line ups in my slippers). So before I take you behind-the-scenes to what it's like on the girls side of things, let me walk you through what it's like for the client. I'm using primarily male pronouns for the clients because most of our clients were men.

Arriving At the Gate: Upon first arriving at the gate, the client would ring the bell to request the gate be opened for him. Upon entering the parlor, the door person would greet him and instruct him to wait at the door for a line-up.

The Line Up: Usually at least a few girls would be waiting in a line already at this point, and the client would be instructed to wait while the rest of the girls on shift ran from wherever in the building they were to get into the line up. To see an image of a sample line up in the Sagebrush Ranch, click here (link directs to an image on google maps, I'm having technical difficulties embedding it directly). The door person would say some variant of the following script:

Hi, welcome to Sagebrush Ranch. Here is a complimentary menu, if you will please wait here for a moment while our ladies line up. *wait* Alright, the ladies will each introduce themselves. Once they are done, pick a lady to go on a complimentary tour with. The tour is no obligation, and you can take as many tours as you'd like with as many ladies as you'd like.

At that point, we'd each introduce ourselves, "Hi, I'm _____." and then smile at the client, hands politely folded behind our backs, not wriggling (this is called 'dirty hustling', more on that in a future post), and wait for him to make his choice. If he asked any questions we weren't allowed to answer, to keep it fair to the other girls.


The Tour: Each working girl offered a different style of tour. I shadowed some girls who were extremely practical, pointing out furniture and details. Other girls took a more chatty approach, using the tour as an opportunity to connect with the client and find out more about what they were looking for. Another approach was to share fantasies and stories about the rooms, enticing the client to get excited. I personally focused on finding genuine points of connection, and sharing fun or funny stories with clients as we walked. The tours always ended in our private bedrooms, where we would start a negotiation.

Negotiation: Every girl approached this differently, but my strategy was to not immediately rush to talking sex acts and numbers. I found usually clients that wanted to get straight down to business weren't my speed anyways, and the super sexually aggressive guys, in my experience, also had big egos and small budgets. No bueno for my vagina! I'll have to write a full post about negotiation tactics I used, but in short the negotiation time is when the lady and the client come to a conclusion about what kind of party they would like to have, and how much the client will pay for it.


Prices: Theoretically we were all independent contractors and negotiated our own prices. This being said, the house did implement certain house minimums. While for the most part I was on board with these minimums for one girl parties, the mandatory prices on two girl parties really bothered me, simply because I *prefer* to work with a second lady, it's more fun and less work, and in my ideal sex work situation I'd just be working two girl parties all the time.

No Agreement: If the client and the lady couldn't agree on a price, or the client was looking for something the lady was unwilling to provide, or for whatever other reason the negotiation did not result in an agreement to party, we would walk the client back out to the parlor. In some cases we'd do what's called a "warm handoff," which is passing him along to another lady we know is more into whatever he's after/a better connection for him. I tried not to let a client walk out of the house, even if he and I weren't going to party (the preferred euphemism for have sex for money).

Party Time: If the client and the lady have agreed on a price, the next steps to the interaction are payment and starting the party... which will be elaborated on in pt 2!