The Cake is Adulthood

16731421_10103562222045564_741197695_oSo today I made this fabulous, beautiful cake for a 6 year old's birthday party. Unfortunately it died during the trip to the party, because gravity is a thing and it slumped over on itself, but thankfully 6 year olds don't care too much about aesthetics beyond "is it pink?" and "does it have a tiara on it?" I made a gluten free cake for myself tonight, and decided, "you know what. fuck it. I'm gonna eat this all. I'm gonna eat this entire cake tonight. My body is ready."

I made it halfway through before deciding that I was way too full of cake and didn't want anymore... A state that never happened when I was a teenager.

I've decided adulthood is a constant flux between longing for cake but not eating it because "it's bad for you" or "cardiovascular health," and being too full of cake because "cheat day" or "I'm a goddamn adult I can eat a whole cake if I want to."

Sidebar did you know I have a secret talent for decorating cakes? This is a thing I just learned about myself. I want to make more cakes!