That One Time I Was a Viral Sensation

Okay so two days ago I tweeted a joke:

This is totally different from my usual topic (boobs) and instead advice on dressing infants. Who knew the internet would love it? Now I'm near 10k retweets so I took a break from taking selfies to make this (extremely modest) cafepress shop, where you can buy onesies.

Don't worry friends, I'm not changing careers and becoming a baby clothing designer. I just, gotta give the people what they want when they want it, you know?

Anyways we'll return to regularly scheduled boobs tomorrow. I needed a rest day anyways, and my twitter is exploding so hard from that one tweet's popularity I can barely keep up with everything else. So I'm mostly ignoring it.

Kisses (from Reno right now!) <3 ~ Mags