Brothel Life: Living Where You Work, pt 1 - Time Commitments


I've recently explained what the client experience is like both leading up to a party, and afterwards. Anyone who has visited the brothel probably knows this information, from experience, but a bit harder to get to experience is what it's like to work, live, sleep, eat, and exist in the same space for anywhere from 2 weeks at a time to several months or years. Before I get started with some of the day to day realities, lets cover logistics about what the general rules were regarding how long you worked. Length of Stay: Many girls were visiting (2 week stays were about average) or lived at the ranch full time. A handful of girls were seasonal employees. As you can imagine, the life pacing for each group were very different. The girls who lived there year round typically had an off-site apartment, where they would stay during their off time or on the "weekend."

Length of Day: Each work day was 14 hours straight, with 24 hour coverage of shifts so there would always be at least two people in a lineup, no matter what hour a customer arrived. I have learned that since I left, that's changed to 12 hour work days except weekends, but during my tenure there it was 14 hour days. During your shifts you were welcome to do whatever you wanted, so long as you were on premises and made bells for lineups (see Client Experience pt 1 for what a lineup is). It's my understanding some regular high earner girls were allowed 12 hour shifts.

Length of Week: For temporary girls, there were no days off. If you were a full time local girl, you could request a day or two off a week, or longer time on vacation but "appointment only" or not taking clients at all, depending on who you are and how popular you are with the clients. How many days off a week you're actually granted, and when you can take time off, varies depending on how busy it is or how short staffed they were. I personally had tuesdays off, with the understanding that, as a person with a chronic nerve condition, days I had a flare-up I could take off... Unfortunately I was never actually allowed to have those days off, so barring the two times I was in so much pain I collapsed, it was generally just tuesdays off.

Interruptions to Time Off: In general time off was respected. However, if we were short staffed you may be required to stay late or wake up early for a shift, or come in on a day off. Also, if you had an appointment outside of your regular hours. Several times I was woken up either due to there being customers in the parlor and all girls on shift were partying, or a walk in request for me.

(coming next, pt 2, Facilities)