Brothel Life: Finances pt 1 - Money to the House


This topic in my brothel life series I have been slow to approach because I want to be very careful that I don't accidentally share information I'm not legally permitted to share. I will break this content up into two parts, money to the house and rates. House split: I'm not sure what exactly I can say here, so I will put it this way- in my opinion, the house split was EVEN but not FAIR. Cash tips were also split in this even manner, so I would ask clients to bring me gift cards if possible. Gifts with a value of over $85 would also need to be split with the house. Our room and board, doctors fees, and other expenses would be directly withdrawn from our paychecks. We were paid in cash (usually) daily.

Additional costs: In addition to the share with the house, we paid $31/day for room and board. If we passed certain booking minimums during the day that fee was waived, but in my experience that was less than 30% of my working days. We also paid out of pocket for our doctors fees - $70/week on cultures, an extra $50/month for bloodwork. We were encouraged to keep on hand a variety of sex toys, all available for purchase directly from the ranch as well, and wear ranch paraphernalia when we left the house.

Work expenses: We bought all our own safer sex supplies ($6 for 20 condoms, unless, like me, you have a latex allergy in which case I needed to buy my condoms online at regular rates). I found I went through my favorite lube, luvena (a vaginal moisturizer), and size small gloves (for dick checks) like crazy. Additional expenses included makeup, sexy clothes, room decorations, etc.

Next up: Finances Pt 2, Rates