Nerd Romance: Yelling Klingon At Your Lover

Don't worry, I'm alive. In all honesty I've been playing a lot of video games and having a lot of sex.

I'll resume Real Life tomorrow <3

— Magenta Prex (@geekymagenta) February 21, 2017

So I vaguely mentioned on twitter that I'd been having something of a whirlwind romance week last week. The point of this post is a little bit to fill you guys in on that, and to introduce you to one of my favorite artists that I was reminded of when I enthusiastically yelled, "Hi-cHop!" at my partner and bit his cheek a few days ago.

"bang bom tIbom jagh Hom tljaD. HIchuH, tlqwlj'e' aq'ang."

Translation: sing love songs, throw our enemies bones. Hit me with them and I will show you my heart. From Hi-cHop by Jen Usellis, video at the end of this post.

For you non-trekkie nerds, Hi-cHop is Klingon for "bite me," which is basically a very sexual flirt, since Klingon sexuality is, uh, intense.

So first lets talk about Jen Usellis aka Klingon Pop Warrior

Once upon a time I was the digital marketing manager for a geeky themed startup bar in Chicago. Somehow I got kind of involved with the local Klingon scene (which there is in Chicago, because Chicago is fucking awesome), and some of the actors from a Klingon Christmas Carol came by to show off a scene. A local craftsperson of Bat'leth  came in as well, and some individuals who teach classes on Klingon. We hosted a Klingon cultural exchange event which was not as well attended as I would have hoped (due to a combination of me still being new to digital marketing, and having my hands strongly tied about how I was allowed to market events).

Somewhere in there I met Jen Bom, Klingon Warrior Woman, and was introduced to her fabulous music. She is a powerful singer, and just a very pleasant and strong person to be around. I admire her for pursuing her passion and turning it into some really interesting nerdy art. So, now I would like you to stop reading this for a minute and please go to her webpage and listen to some of these amazing cover songs.

I've heard her perform live a couple of times at Star Trek Improv openings and other events, and she's freaking amazing. The thought and care that goes into the translations- keeping them true both the the original song, but also true to Klingon culture- is really impressive. She's also produced the official Disney Archive translation of Let It Go... in Klingon. Anyways, Jen is *awesome* and I love listening to her sing and if you're a trekkie, you really need to go check her out immediately.

Ok so next what even happened last week

So as y'all know I tend to keep the details of my life a little vague when things are close to my heart, but the tl;dr is that while I was in Reno, I really unexpectedly met and fell into a loosely dating type thing with a very sweet man I like a great deal.

I've mentioned a few times the Bad Breakup Of Doooooom last year, and with the exception of seeing one of my lady sweeties (Thor, for anyone curious) in November, haven't had sex for free/outside of the brothel environment since. Yes, my super cute rebound relationship with a coworker was also pretty chaste except for 2 girl parties. This was the first new physical romance, and first male (not work) partner I've connected with since September.

The whole thing was incredibly healing and wonderful for me. I allowed myself to get lost in it for 3 days, and leaving was kind of bittersweet: on the one hand we're way into each other, but on the other hand neither one of us is in a life position to just fall into another person like that right now so distance is good. I am really excited to see him again in a month. I've decided to hold off on adding people to The Sweetie Squad until they've been a healthy and positive presence in my life for at least half a year, to keep that group not too full of transition or dramatic. I have shared a lot of the personal emotional details with my squad, and directly asked them to help me stay accountable to myself and not lose myself in this relationship like I did the last time I had a strong connection with someone.

One big and weird source of anxiety I had after my breakup was, but who will geek out with me? Because you know, the entire geek thing is just *so* underground and nobody is actually into geeky media - wait, what? Most of my sweetie squad is also big nerds! But nonetheless, shouting in Klingon at someone during sex and that not ruining the mood, but, in fact, making it even more fun and connected, definitely felt great and eased my anxieties about connecting on an emotional, physical, and nerd level. Thank you, Jen Bom, for teaching me my favorite Klingon word! Hi-cHop!