Brothel Life: Finances, pt 2 - Rates


In this part, I am about to talk about rates. I would like to clarify, so I don't get in trouble for soliciting, that these are my FORMER rates. You can't book me for the rates listed here, that's not how this works, I'm talking about the past. Continued from Pt 1, in which we talked about the house split. Negotiating: Negotiating with clients coming into town was difficult because theoretically discussing prices online runs the risk of someone getting in trouble for solicitation. I would frequently ask for a client to call in a 10% deposit, then negotiate what type of encounter we'd have based on the math from that. When I sat down for a negotiation, I'd set my goal at "what's in his wallet" and go from there.

House Minimums: So, technically we were all independent contractors. That being said, there were house minimums in place. While for the most part I agreed with these and used them to avoid being lowballed by pushy clients, I didn't agree that the house minimum for a half hour two girl party was literally 8 times that of a half hour one girl party. According to managers, that was because there's a double specialty party upcharge. According to me, two girl parties are less work and more eye candy for my gay self, so I should, theoretically, as an independent contractor, be able to charge what I want for them right? However, as you may have noticed from my description of our time commitments on the clock, there are a lot of ways that we, in my opinion, were not actually IC's, but closer to employees.

My rates: My 200 party consisted of a half hour erotic, naked massage. For 50 more, it would include a happy ending, and for 50 more, a blow job. Including full sex it would be closer to 400 MINIMUM, but I would usually start negotiations substantively higher. My hourly rate rarely dipped below 1k, unless the guy was *really* sweet to me or we were planning to netflix and chill.

Personality and how it impacted rates: I personally imposed a 200 asshole tax- literal and figurative. Anal parties costed about that much more (with the rule that I controlled speed, depth, everything, and if he so much as tried to thrust it would be over), and if a guy was being a jerk to me, he would get the asshole tax too. I was willing to change my rates (within the house rules) in the event a guy was incredibly respectful and kind to me, and I could tell there was some kind of emotional healing work he really needed to do. Also, hourly rates would drop for longer parties- for example, a guy once spent 7 hours hanging out with me for 3k, but a lot of that was playing pool and napping.

Tips for time: I would freely ask for tips if people took FOREVER with negotiations and had a lot of questions, then decided not to book. To me, this is just a fair way to respect a person's time, especially if I missed bells while talking to them. If I was being tipped I could sit and talk with a client in the parlor, but otherwise we had a 15 minute maximum on time spent talking to an unbooked client, to give the other girls a fair chance at booking.

Tips for Parties: If a guy was coming in for a party, I would ask for tips to be a not-split item: so either a gift card, or dinner, or a present. I can't tell you how many men bought me sushi on that job. As a sushi addict, it was really glorious. I also am still working my way through my pile of starbucks gift cards.