On Unlocking My Orgasmic Potential


I don’t talk about my personal sexuality much, you may have noticed. This is because it’s still a bit of a mystery to me: I have been described as the sluttiest prude people know, because if I’m not having sex for work, I’m surprisingly reserved in my affections… Until I feel romantic about someone and then I’m like some kind of sex-crazed lunatic. I am here to talk about orgasms now, specifically my orgasms, and how great they are. So, something really fascinating happened in my body around 28. I went from someone who typically became too sensitive after an orgasm to continue having sex, to someone who could then QUITE MERRILY continue and keep having micro-orgasms ongoingly.

I’m not gonna lie, fear that this was just a power bestowed on me by toxic ex Trevor was a major contributing factor to me trying to keep that relationship going. I thought it was something he was doing. It turns out my body just had some kind of change, and that was just the tip of the iceburg. I’ve read a lot of literature suggesting that women tend to start to reach new sexual heights around 30. I’m definitely having that experience, and learning more and more each day about how my sexuality works.

For a long time, it’s been enormously hard for me to orgasm from oral- I am very much a penetration based person- a quirk I thought meant I just didn’t like *receiving* oral. I figured out with Sweetie Squad Member Thor that I can enjoy oral but only with the caveat that I know my partner is *really* enjoying giving it: I am, in all things, a fetish-level mutualist and get off the most from my partner’s pleasure. For this reason, oral hasn’t been a major part of my sex life with partners who have penises: it’s easier for me to orgasm from penetration, and I am more able to be sure my partner is having fun, too.

In recent(ish) developments, I’ve partnered up with another mutualist, which is as far as I can tell the sexual equivalent of throwing a stick of dynamite into a pile of gunpowder. What I’ve had the pleasure of learning about myself lately is that the one orgasm and a ton of micro orgasms… is not the height of my body’s capabilities. Indeed, with a lover that enthusiastically switches between various forms of intimacy, and is patient with my body and enthusiastic about giving me pleasure, and is getting his own mutualistic pleasure from it… I’m very strongly a multiple-er. This is a *MOST WELCOME* discovery.

This, combined with being off hormonal birth control (that tends to numb my libido), means I’ve gone from being somebody who wanks maybe once a week to something of a lowkey nympomaniac.