~*~Vaginal Secrets~*~ Of The Pros


Featured image compliments of The Venus Emporium, where you can buy awesome vulva goodies! As a former sex worker with vulvodynia, a latex allergy, and proneness to yeast infections, I often get asked by people who know my vaginal woes, "but how?!"

Perhaps this information will be helpful for other folks with complicated vaginas! 

During Parties, on Him:

I had a few strategies during parties. First, I would make sure the client was already well amped up before we got to the sex part, so there wasn't as much time actually doing penetrative sex, while still producing a satisfying intense experience for them.

While putting on the condom before a blowjob, I'd sneak a small drop of intensifying gel into the tip. This serves a few purposes: it would help the client have a more intense orgasm, and also create a situation where I had maximum control over when he orgasmed. Because it makes penises more sensitive, I would be able to draw out a blow job for a long time, bringing him to the edge multiple times before finishing- creating an overall intensely pleasurable sensation, without as many demands on my vagina.

I would also use some warming lube on his balls. This also created more control for me: if, while I was riding him, I needed him to orgasm more quickly for my vaginal well being, a simple caress with this stuff would usually help. Also, I don't lick balls of people I'm not personally involved with, but putting this lube on and breathing on it creates a similarly pleasant sensation.

During Parties, For Me:

I am absolutely shameless about my deep love of lube. My personal favorite by Healthy Vibes is no longer available, but any pump top pure silicone lube does it for me! I even use this stuff for massages, since it leaves the client not smelling like massage oil, and makes transitioning between types of play without upsetting my vag easier.

I use latex free condoms, and always have them on hand in regular and large. I would change them between all activities, including between oral and vaginal- I found that regular exposure to my mouth bacteria by using the same condom for vaginal sex I had just used for a blowjob upset my flora.

Speaking of delicate vaginal flora, I also would make sure clients wore gloves before fingering me. This removed any questions about how clean their hands were, or under their nails, and also decreased possible tearing to my delicate vagina from hangnails or rough fingers.

After Parties:

After parties, I'd *always* give my vulva a wipe-down with an unscented cleansing cloth, to get rid of leftover lube and sweat, then pop into the shower and rinse it with water. I'd follow that with Sliquid's pH balancing moisturizer.

Vaginal Upkeep:

Okay let's be real I don't really get wet. It's hard for my vagina. A friend of mine, also a sex worker, suggested SeaBuckthorn Oil (aka Omega 7) to "turn the Sahara into a lush rainforest." It *really* helped, in addition to generally being more moist vaginally, I found my vagina just generally felt happier and healthier. It took me about 2 weeks to see the difference, but if your vagina is generally grumpy, dry, and prone to yeast issues, try it out!!

I've also tried a variety of moisturizing suppositories, but generally been dissatisfied with everything except Luvena. Luvena was suggested to me by my allergist when we thought I had an autoimmune disorder that led to dry mucous membranes, it helps to restore healthy flora and boost your vagina's ability to moisturize itself. In general, this is cost-prohibitive for me to use on a regular basis, but when my vagina was my primary source of income I used it religiously twice a week. Now I just use it if things feel like they're getting irritated.

Parties on a Period:

Being a sex worker having menstrual cramps is pretty complicated. There's a few approaches to what to do here. Some women would use a silk sea sponge internally all day, so they could just party whenever they needed to. I found this irritated my vagina, so I would keep in a little pouch my cleansing wipes and single use makeup rounds. If I got booked for a party, after handing the cashier the money I'd pop into the bathroom, wipe off any blood on the outside, and pop in a single use sponge for the duration of the party.