~ Funny Story Break ~ Armpits and Alumni Bonding

Those of you waiting for answers to questions you've sent me, don't worry, they're in progress! I just wanted to break to tell a short funny story an exchange I just had with @RamenEmpire reminded me of:

Okay so, I'm a University of Michigan alumni (Go Blue!) and one weird thing those of you who are Big 10 alumni probably all already know is that we carry this weird excessive patriotism about our school sometimes. 

Several years ago, I was working as a professional Dominatrix. I had this one client with pretty specific and unusual tastes: He wanted me to work out and not shower, and then to spend the whole session smelling and licking my feet and armpits. Bonus points if my armpits were hairy and I didn't wear deodorant. I'm mostly a mutualist and a job is a job but with that experience I learned that having my armpits licked is not a thing I really care for, sensation wise, but I just went with it and he was a good regular. 

One day, somehow the topic of our educations came up. He mentioned he was a University of Michigan alum as he was diving into my armpit, and I was like, "oh no shit me too!" He then cheered "GO BLUE!" into my armpit, and hummed Hail to the Victors (our football fight song) the whole session. 

... I haven't been back to an alumni meeting since.