Playing Catch Up

Okay PervFriends, it's been a hot minute since I've written anything about my life. Or anything in general. It's time for a brief summary of events, and you tell me where to start based on your interests and curiosities. 

We cute as shit. #gay #orange #pride #dunkindonuts

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  • I dated a dude for most of May before we both confessed budding Feels and his life promptly steamrollered him so I haven't really seen him since. (I did read All The Things about dating single dads, and once I have a bit more emotional space from it will be writing up a post for the advice portion of this blog). 
  • I went back to Chicago and reconnected with a bunch of friends. 
  • Also things with Trevor got even weirder, cumulating in me needing to piece together what information I need for a restraining order if he approaches me in public again. 
  • Hawkeye and I decided to start using "girlfriend" terminology, and also have been working hard as a team to navigate our First Relationship Issue (which consider that it took like 2 years to hit one is pretty cool)
  • I made a Chicago Sex Friend (who sends me cute pictures of dogs, which is lovely)
  • I'm dating somebody new in Oakland and feeling like a moony eyed teenager but remarkably healthy about it 

So, there's a bunch of "the emotional going ons." Don't even ask me to start on trying to figure out what I'm doing with my career, unless you want a really long blog post of me stressing. :3